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School-Based Career Intervention

Sample School Career Intervention Program

            We offer school career intervention programs to help schools help students achieve National Standards as outlined in the ASCA National Standards for Students manual.  Specifically our aim is to help underprivileged high-school students in areas that have recently experienced gentrification.   Often underprivileged students in poverty-stricken areas are left behind when gentrification affects their area and the demographics of the schools change.  Our goal is to help these students meet and maintain the standards that are affected by gentrification in their neighborhood.  

A sample of one of our programs is outlined below:

Population: High schools in areas of gentrification. Students in 9th – 12th grade. (Ages 14 – 18)

Proposal For:  Grady High School an Atlanta Public School in Atlanta, GA


1287 total students at Grady High School

American Indian/Alaskan Native               .2%

Asian                                                               2%

Black                                                               56%

Hawaiian/Pacific Islander                            .1%

Hispanic                                                          5%

White                                                              33%

Two or More Races                                       3%

This program will help students acquire skills for improved learning (ASCA Standard A:A2).  The following are a few examples of goals that will help students meet this standard.

Goal: Apply time-management and task-management skills

  •  Intervention:  

Students will be supplied with the myHomework application to be utilized on their school issued computer.The students will be instructed on how to import all of their class assignments into the app, track, and set reminders of when their assignments are due.Students’ progress will be tracked and positive time and task management skills will be reinforced.

  • Reward:

Students will be rewarded with a free Chick-fil-a lunch on Friday if all of their assignments are turned in on time in a given week.

  • Funding:

The myHomework app is available for free and the Chick-fil-a lunches will be provided at no cost or limit by Chick-fil-a corporate.

 Goal: Use communication skills to know when and how to ask for help when needed. 

  • Intervention:

Each of the students in the program will be provided with after school tutoring by volunteer college students from Georgia Tech.The college students will go through each of the student’s homework assignments with them while modeling communication skills, discerning the areas the students need help with, helping them with their studies, and coaching them on how to communicate their needs to their classroom teachers.

  • Reward:

Classroom teachers provide progress report to the volunteer tutors on the students ability to communicate their needs and tutors will match those needs to what was discussed in the after school program.Once a student receives (5) positive progress reports they will be able to attend a Georgia Tech football game with their tutor.

  • Funding:

Students in the Georgia Tech Wesley Foundation will provide volunteer tutors and tickets to Georgia Tech football games at no charge.

Goal: Apply knowledge and learning styles to positively influence school performance.

  • Intervention:

Each of the students in the program will be administered a learning style assessment through the Khan Academy.The assessments will be reviewed, the students will receive instructional training on their individual learning style, and then utilize the Khan Academy website to apply their specific learning style specifically to learning algebra.

  • Reward:

The students will be rewarded with $10 Amazon gift certificate each time their algebra test scores either improve by a letter grade or they achieve an A.

  • Funding:

Amazon gift certificates provided via grant by, the philanthropic arm of Google, Inc.


At the beginning of the semester, the school will administer an aptitude test for the high school students that are participating in this program as well as an aptitude test for a sample of student that are not participating in the program.  At the end of the semester the students in the program as well as students in the sample group will be retested with the same aptitude test and test scores will be compared for academic improvement.  The program will be evaluated and revised as needed based upon the academic improvement of the program students.

Funding for Consulting Fees and Miscellaneous Expenses:

$5k in funding provided by the Grady High School PTA. 

Consultation Fee:

Single Semester:       $4000

Full School Term:      $7000

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