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Educational Resources & Assessments

Values Card Sort
The values card sort is utilized to help clients determine their most significant values so that they can explore careers that match their values and make sure they are not considering careers that impede their highest values.  

Life Career Rainbow

The life career rainbow helps a client think about the different roles they play in different stages of life.  Utilizing Donald Super’s eight life roles and five life stages the client is able to assess their current work/life balance and determine how they can adjust their work/life balance to better suit their needs.  

Career Genogram
A career genogram provides a visual picture of career influences revealing patterns and themes within a client’s family system and assisting in determining how their family influences their career decision making.

Career Construction Interview
This interview assists in gathering relevant information regarding career concerns, interests, and aspirations.  

Balancing Life Roles
This worksheet helps a client examine the time they spend on each of their major life roles and assess if they would like to make life changes that will create a better balance among the roles that are important to them.

Decision Making Styles
This worksheet provides definitions of various decision making styles and allows the client to consider recent decisions and determine if there is a common theme or style to their decision making process.  

Negotiating Salary
This resource helps clients learn how to negotiate a salary upon accepting a position. By learning how to negotiate a salary before accepting a job offer, the client will not be caught off guard by the interviewer and will ready to negotiate with clarity and confidence for the salary they deserve.

Negotiating Job Offer
This resource instructs the clients on tactics to employ to make sure they receive a job offer that is fair and suitable for them.  In addition, alternative negotiation strategies (such as a signing bonus or additional vacation time) are offered if the salary offer is not agreeable.  

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