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Educational Requirements for Professional Counselor Licensure in Georgia

All educational requirements for Professional Counselor licensure in Georgia are met in the M.A. Clinical Mental Health Counselor (CMHC) curriculum at Richmont.  Educational requirements vary slightly state to state so students interested in becoming licensed in a state other than Georgia are encouraged to check with the licensure boards of the state in question for information on possible additional required coursework.  

Required Examinations for Professional Counselor Licensure in Georgia

In Georgia, the National Counselor Examination (NCE) is required for licensure. This exam is offered to students in their final spring semester at Richmont.  Taking the exam while at Richmont gives students the opportunity to take the exam while academic content is fresh in their minds. This exam can also be taken after graduation by individual arrangement with the NBCC and the licensure board.   

A second examination, the NCMHCE (National Clinical Mental Health Counselor Examination), is also required for licensure in Georgia.  This examination focuses on clinical skills of diagnosis and treatment planning and is taken post graduation.  

Post Masters Required Experience - CMHC

After graduation, the applicant for licensure is required to obtain supervised experience as follows:

  • 3 years of full-time post masters experience

  • 3000 hours of supervised experience/1000 hours per year

  • 105 hours of supervision/35 hours per year

    • Two years of this supervision must be by an LPC

    • Supervisor with LPC needs 3 years of post-licensure experience

    • Supervisor with a specialist degree must have 2 years of post-licensure experience.

    • Supervisor with a specialist degree must have 2 years of post-licensure experience.

State Rules and Regulations for Professional Counselors in the State of Georgia

Official Rules and Regulation may be found here.

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